Customer Stories

Daniel D. 

I arrived in 2016 in Canada. Culture-wise it is very different than in Europe. Especially the limitation of purchasing alcohol is a real hassle. I still don't see my favorite Degenberg beer on the shelf. Also totally different are the shower and the front doors. In Europe, it is common as soon as the front door is closed you need a ke y or something else in comparison to here where the most of the doors are generally open until you look them from inside or outside. I was a locksmith back in my old home and worked for the Post Locksmith as well as for Blaser Looksmith. We have a saying: Other countries other habits and that's what it is. The locksmith business is just not as lucrative as back home. My immigration service helped me sourcing the right job according to the Canadian regulations. Now its been 2 years I am living in Canada. I started a little side business and achieved what I was missing in Europe. Getting to know a new culture, having the experience truly to explore a new country with all the excitement as well as the feeling to explore downsides culturewise of course from the Government. We have a saying, you can leave a country behind yourself but you will always bring your bad habits and of course also the good habits with you. It's comparable with a hot beverage. It can be fantastic and it can be not satisfying. For example, in summer its more likely to crave for a cold drink in comparison when you walk through snow and you start to freeze you might prefer a hot drink. All in all, it was one of the best decisions I made to move to Canada and expand my personal horizons with this fantastic experience and knowledge. I only can recommend to everyone having this experience to life in a different country as well. Even when I miss my Beer Onlineshop. Well, we can't have everything but if you have a chance to have a Degenberg I would cheer with you anytime. 

Caroline S.

Well, my husband saw a great opening to work in Canada and even when it was hard to let my family and friends behind it is a great experience to move to Canada. For me, the biggest hassles were moving it selves. Try to pack a whole life. So I used this opportunity to sort out everything that I haven't touched since either six years or even longer depending on what category. But still, it was a lot. Also, a hassle is to find a new home. And by hassle, I don't mean hire a realtor, more like what part of the city do you want to live? A new country is not just a neighborhood it also is a new lifestyle. Why we were asking yourself: Where can we experience the most? Frankly, moving is the least of anything I want to do, and moving in, in order to move to the next home in upcoming 12 months, is nothing what I ever wanted or will have.
This truly took a lot of time, I really mean a lot. The next real issue was renting a place over the internet. Kinda "impossible" and very scary. Pictures are great but how real is it? Can we trust them? We decided to move to a new build house to avoid anything potentially negative about the place. Well, nice idea. The reality is that we have completely different building standards in Europe and the worst is, I can't even have my favorite Gin here to process everything. William of Orange my Gin and dear LCBO please fix it.
Jobwise it's fine even when it is also not comparable to a European standard. I'm a part-time drivers teacher. I was working for meine Fahrschule in Switzerland and we take care from the first step until the final license. Here, well I'm sure you know. Is the stress worth it? The experience is priceless if when the way to it cost something. Nevertheless, it is important to have a good immigration service. When I imagine I would need to worry about this part as well, I only can say wow and thank you very much for the fantastic work you did.
All in all, this was the part with the least issues. Thank you

Jenny B. 

Being in Canada is great. Back in Europe we were confronted so often with wasps and needed to call but farming in Canada is absolutely fantastic. Live is all about experience and to live in a new country is for sure an experience with a big impact. My whole life I was a farmer and the hugeness of Canada and also the farm industry is overwhelming. Therefore, I'm always interested in the fight against insects. With I never had bad experiences. They helped me wherever we had a need. But taking care 20 times of the land size we had in Europe for farming brings the handle with pesticides to another level.
Thanks to we had the chance to enrich our life with this amazing experience. We, like most people, live a fulltime life and don't have so much time to take care of the legal paperwork required for immigration. Therefore, we decided to trust a legal service and could relax by focusing on our current life. With no stress, we had the time to sell our farm, and even to find a good takeover farm in Canada. Working with the previous owner for 6 months gave us enough time to connect with his customers and supplier. We still haven't found a company as good as but the land also is so much bigger.
Friend's often asking us: Is it worth it?
The question if we would immigrant again, we can answer: Yes, absolutely. But, it is not for everyone. You will let all of your friends behind. Also, you let your family and your culture behind. If you feel homesick, then moving is not the right way, because technically you would be at home. For us, it is the right decision to move permanently. Even when Canada was mainly built by European immigrants, the cultural difference is very big and not comparable with Europeans. The Farm industry is still very white, but the metropolises are very international and this affects the culture, as well as the future development in the country. If you ready to meet new best friends, new cultures, and be ready to let you previous family behind. Do it!

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